Valentine’s Day

So the other week, it was Valentine’s Day. That’s something both Japan and America have in common as far as holidays goes. But the one major difference is that while in America, you give flowers or chocolates or anything to whoever you might fancy, in Japan, Valentine’s is exclusively for women to give gifts. Generally, girls will make their own chocolate confections and give them to the boys and men of significance in their life, like their dad, brother, friend, or boyfriend. Or maybe just the guy they wish was their boyfriend.

Well however the holiday is usually presented, many people will simply make tasty treats for the sake of sharing. I received some very delicious cupcakes from two different students, as well as some homemade truffles from a coworker. I must say, I wasn’t expecting anything, so it was a really sweet (no pun intended) gesture.

Another aspect of Chocolate Day as it’s sometimes referred to in Japan is that a month later, we have White Day, when the boys and those who received gifts the month before reciprocate with presents of white chocolate, candies, or trinkets. I’m thinking I’ll have to come up with something good for everyone who gave me something. Wouldn’t want to break the “traditional” protocol. 🙂


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